Motor vehicle accidents

There are many statistics and numbers that will turn heads in presenting how motor vehicle accidents become a regular activity in Vancouver. With more than 5,600 kilometres of roads, almost 8,000 sidewalks, over a million signs, more than 2,000 traffic signals, 4,000 bus shelters and close to 25,000 of street furniture, the growth of the City of Vancouver and the surrounding region has increased and plagued our roads with incidents involving motorists. Automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and fatalities have become something regular on the streets of our city. Every week, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers are involved with a new client that has a case involving such an incident.

Car accident claims

A car accident comes under a personal injury lawsuit. A claim can be made by the injured party or by the relatives or friends of the injured party in relation to the damage caused by the other party in an accident. The claim is dealt with by the insurance companies of both parties to decide on proper compensation for all the damage caused.

Since almost all the drivers are insured, the insurance agent must determine the extent of damage caused and must be able to negotiate with the other party on behalf of the injured person. Both insurance companies can negotiate and decide on a correct monetary compensation that might be able to cover all the damage caused by the accident.