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Accidents happen from time to time when you are housing a pet. It can be a bit challenging to clean up these small messes particularly if they are on a carpet. However, with immediate action together with a thorough cleaning, your carpet can go back to its immaculate state. Some behavioral measures need to be taken to prevent such accidents from happening in future.

Immediate action as soon as the pet stain happens

You need to soak up all the moisture that you can from the carpet immediately you have seen spot the stain. It will be a lot easier it will be for you to clean it up successfully if you absorb the most urine that you can at this point while still wet. First, place paper towels on the spot with pet stain and press firmly on the urine so that the paper towels may absorb the fluid. You may use newspaper in place of paper towels. However, for carpets with lighter colors, you need to be careful to avoid smearing the ink.

At this stage, you need to remove the paper towels and replace them with a clean set and repeat the previous process. Do it over and over until the place is drier.

Now you should set a new layer of paper towels on the region and step on them with your feet with pressure for a minute or two. You need to do this with shoes on.

Remove these paper towels and rinse the area completely with cool, clean water. Ensure that the water gets into the fibers of the carpet.

Take a clean, dry towel and place it over the spot to absorb as much water as you can. You can also use a wet vacuum cleaner at this point.

Pet stains that have set in the carpet.

On certain occasions, you may not be able to notice the pet stain immediately it happens. By the time you are noticing it; it will have dried up and set into the carpet. When this happens, it becomes even more challenging to clean it up but worry not. These tips will aid you in how these stains that have set in can be wiped off and eliminate the stench.

These processes of cleaning the carpet can be done repeatedly to get rid of any unpleasant smell or stain that is left behind. Avoid the use of strong chemical cleaners that have a strong fragrance when you are cleaning up pet odor. This is because these chemical cleaners will rarely clear all the urine. The pets will, in turn, find the spot again.

You will easily locate the spot of the stain visually. If that isn’t possible, then you will have to try finding the area by smelling. If both techniques do not succeed, you will need to use a black light to locate these spots. It is difficult to find all stains and clean them completely. Unless they are completely clean, the pet will locate the spot by smell and use it to relieve himself again.

The vinegar solution: The first solution you should go for is the vinegar solution: 50% white vinegar mixed with 50% water. Pour the solution on the carpet and let it soak into the fibers all the way to the pad. You will need a scrub pad to let the solution in. The vinegar will neutralize with the urine. This will get rid of the smell. After this, use a paper towel or cloth to dry the area.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: Drop a handful of baking soda on the stained spot. Ensure that there is a heap rising from the center to the end of the spot.

After this, you should mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoonful of dish-washing detergent. Never use a caustic detergent. Now spray this solution on top the baking soda. Use a scrubbing brush to let it into the fibers.

Tip: try this process on a hidden small section of the carpet first to check for discoloration.

You should note that hydrogen peroxide solution should never be used at a concentration that exceeds 3%. The area needs good ventilation during the application and as you wait for it to dry up.

Leave it for one or two hours until the solution dries up. Dry baking soda is what will be left. Vacuum this powder unless it has clumped up. Break down these clumps to powder and proceed with vacuuming.

Wet vacuum carpet cleaner:

This cleaner flushes out clean water with a gush to the carpet and vacuums dirty water in concurrently. This method is very helpful when it comes to pet stains in that the vacuum cleaner will gush out water into the fibers and suck out all the particles that are in the carpet. You can hire the machines from a hardware store or home improvement centers.

Note that you can NEVER use a steam cleaner for pet stains. The heat emitted will set the stain on the carpet, making it a permanent stain.

Pet odor neutralizer

Once you are sure you have cleaned away all the stench and stain, you need to sprinkle pet odor neutralizing powder on the area. Local pet products retailers sell these neutralizers.

Preventive behavioral measures

Many behavioral techniques can help your pet learn where and how to relieve themselves. One way is to smear the pet’s urine on a cloth and put it where you want him to pee. Dogs and cats are sensitive to smell and will respond to this gesture. Through positive reinforcement, you should reward your pet whenever he relieves himself in the right place. It will make this a habit. It will require time and patience to train your pet.

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