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When talking about window film, it basically refers to a laminate film that can be fixed in the exterior or interior part of a glass surface in buildings, automobiles, boats or homes. Additionally, window films are made from polyethylene terephthalate and are primarily used to offer privacy, safety, and security, thermal insulation or even for decoration, branding, and signage.

According to a recently carried out study, window films can basically save you up to a quarter of the amount you spend yearly on your utility bills. For example, if you are one of the millions of homeowners who pay about $2000 a year for utility expenses, the window film can actually cut down the amount by about $500 or more.

Besides that, a window film is also very significant in your home since it will minimize heat gain in your home, protect your apartment against earthquakes and flying objects, reduce glares and importantly reduce the chances that your home will be a prime target for burglars.

Reaping the benefits for Decades to come

In normal circumstances, window films are majorly used to reflect away solar rays from offices and homes. This generally the UV exposure that you might you and your family might be a victim of is cut by 99 percent or more.

Furthermore, installation of the window films means that you won’t be worrying about glares and heat gain in your house, your furniture will also not fade away before its natural expiry date has reached. This is just for the inside part of your home, for the outer part, the window film will make your house less appealing and attractive for the thieves and burglars to visit.

Will these results last?

Research indicates that a window film can actually last for a generation or more. In addition to that, they normally come with a five or ten years warranty depending on the manufacturer. This is a perfect option to protect your investment, family, and home for many years to come.

Thermal stress’s effect on longevity

When talking about thermal stress, it basically refers to the state in which the central part of the glass becomes markedly hotter than the surrounding framing. This is something that you must seriously watch since it causes the central part of the glass to expand and it might result in problems.

With regard to thermal stress, the fabricator assessment or analysis should tell whether you have anything to worry about. A variety of glasses tend to be affected by thermal stress, and you might actually not be a victim if you live in a more temperate climate. A good number of glasses tend to be subjects of thermal stress as a result of high-temperature swings.

Impact stress and tensile stress

There are normally two major factors that you must watch out whenever thermal stress has taken place. The factors include tensile stress and impact stress. Impact factors are general risks like an earthquake or a flying tree branch that might destroy your home glass window. Fortunately, a window film protects your glass against such elements. Once you install a window film, your glass becomes structurally tougher, and it’s able to resist all the negative effects as a result of impact stress.

In a nutshell, window films generally boost the tensile strength and resistance that your window might have to when under breaking tension. With window films, you will not only have to worry about your glass flying everywhere upon impact but also overspending on utility bills as result of heat gain.