Roofers Pitt Meadows BC: Costs & Considerations

The essential section of your house is most likely your roof. The roof makes your home protected from factors and provides insulation. To maintain the good quality of your roof, however, you will have to get it checked out on a regular basis. For instance, failure to clear the gutters will cause water to accumulate leading to some inconveniences. Snow and icicles will accumulate into ice dams that may destroy your gutters and weaken shingles. So if you are in search for time to time inspection or are having roof problems, this will aid you on the costs you should pay for service calls when you have a roofing professional come to your house.

Times to call in roofers

Your roof may face some problems according to the climate of your region. These problems will require a professional’s special attention. For instance, you will have to call in a local roofer to check for damages in the event of a storm if you come from a city that faces harsh winters such as British Columbia. Apart from strong winds and hails that ruin your shingles, small debris can cause your gutters to break; like twigs which are being blown into your roof. It is essential for your roof to be checked up. An obvious example of signs that your roof is damaged is siding. Besides requiring a painter, if it is damaged, this may be a sign of roof problems.

Charge for service calls

Most roofers will offer roof inspection for free. You need to be cautious though with whom you let up your roof. Ensure that the roofer has a license and a bond: only then can you allow them to check your roof. You also need to be particularly watchful if the roofer is making a lot of offers you didn’t ask for. If you are being offered check-up service for free, ask your roofer how many inspections s/he has done in that week; then find out those that didn’t require repairs in the end.

If you are given a number, ask their names then request for the contact of the clients for confirmation. When he provides this, he will have proved that he is trustworthy. Every time you have a roofer checking up your roof, it is advisable to be there and observe to avoid instances where the roofer may claim that there are damages which aren’t there in the real sense.

Cost for small repairs will range from $100 to $400 according to the quantity the damage and how big the damaged section is. Cost of labor will range between $50 and $80 according to the job’s complexity. You will need to pay $4000 to $15000 if you require a new roof; according to the kind of roofing you will choose and the size of your home. Clay tiles will go for $5 or more per sq ft. Cedar shingles normally go for around $ 4 per sq. Ft. The cost of metal panels normally ranges from $4 to $5 for every sq ft.


It is necessary to fix roof damages immediately you spot them. If they go unattended to, these damages may worsen and heighten the price you will pay to repair it in the end. Roofs that are spoilt will probably start leakages that end up causing severe problems in the entire building. Additionally, a damaged roof won’t offer excellent insulation resulting in overspending in the warming and cooling of the house.

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