Top Air Conditioner Kelowna Issues You Can Fix Yourself

If you have noted the central air conditioner present in your house is not cooling as usual, it is possible there is a matter present that is preventing it from doing so. There are some issues that you can go ahead and resolve yourself with a list of instructions in hand, but other times, a technician will be required. The following are instructions on issues you can solve all on your own, as well as the issues that require the aid of an air conditioning repair technician.

AC Issues That Anyone Can Solve

1. Dirty Filter

When there is a dirty filter, a reduction of airflow will be noted. Another thing is the noting of evaporator coil freezing, which results in acquiring insufficient cool air in your household. The solution is to check if the filter is dirty, if it is, then changes it to begin making the most out of your air conditioner.

2. Dirty Unit Exterior

Due to the absorption of heat from air performed by the air conditioner’s interior unit and then transferring heat to the external unit, is how an AC can cool a space. When the unit is crowded or dirty with debris, this could prevent it from doing the previously mentioned efficiently. The solution to solve this issue is spraying the external area of the unit with a garden hose, one that is set on a gentle setting. It is important to highlight that opting for a high setting could make matters worse, such as the bending of fins.

3. Incorrect Thermostat Setting

If you noticed that AC blows lukewarm air at times, while other times it blows cool air, then it is more than likely the fan setting is set to ‘on.’ If this is the case, then all you would be required to do is a thermostat to ‘auto.’ This is all there is to it!

AC Issues That Required the Aid of an Air Conditioning Repair Technician

1. Broken or Damaged Condenser Fan Motor

If there is a broken or damaged motor present, then there will be no way that your AC will cool your house. A replacement or modification will be required, which can only be handled by a technician.

2. Problematic Compressor

The compressor has been referred to as what makes an AC function in most aspects. If it is damaged, no matter what you do, no cool air will come your way. A new compressor will be needed if a problem with it is found, which can be on the expensive side if you do not have a warranty on it.

3. Refrigerant Leak

The liquid that absorbs heat from the air is the refrigerant. When there isn’t sufficient refrigerant, AC is not able to absorb adequate heat to provide cool air. When this is the matter, there is a refrigerant leak. When there is a leak of this degree, you will often hear a hissing or bubbling noise, as well as noting that cool air is not a problem at night but not on hot days.

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