What To Know About Penticton Lawyers & Contingency Fees

Often, people are very hesitant to file a lawsuit after being injured by the negligence of another party. Most of the time, it is believed to be a simple waste of effort or too expensive and risky to hire a lawyer. However, this is a very common misconception, as individuals often are not required to pay out of pocket expenses because the majority of personal injury lawyers handle cases on a contingency fee basis.

Simply, this is cut from the amount of money won in a settlement. It is contingent or depending on the lawyer actually winning the case. If the case is dismissed or no settlement is ever reached, the client is not required to compensate the lawyer.

A case can be won by one of two ways: The case is tried before a jury or settled before the trial. Once the person who is suing for damage obtains money, also known as compensation or damages, the case is considered won, and the lawyer collects the fee.

A Standard Contingency Fee

The amount of money that a lawyer is rewarded with is almost exclusively dependent on percent, not a raw number. The percent varies from case to case, and a lawyer will ask the client to sign a contract before that agrees to allocate them a percentage of the winnings in the case of a win.

If the attorney fails to win the case, he or she will not charge a fee for their work. However, it is also very important to know that a lawyer will almost always charge for the expenses accrued while working on the case. If a plaintiff decides to drop the attorney before a settlement is reached or not to take the damages to court at all, a lawyer will almost always charge a fee for their time spent.

How Expenses are Incorporated into the Final Amount Received by the Plaintiff

Almost all attorneys are going to advance expenses instead of charging a client upfront. Attorneys and law firms are going add expenses on top of their fees after the case is won and settled. A client-attorney contract or agreement should dictate how expenses and fees will be included in the final amount received by the plaintiff.

Legal expenses can cover a host of things: the cost to hire a witness, developing courtroom presentations, investigators’ fees and other expenses that are required to build a strong case. There are many other smaller costs that a client often must end up covering as well, such as the cost of photocopying, faxing, phone charges, research costs, court reporters and the salaries of paralegals and secretaries who worked on the case.

Injury Lawyers are Incredibly Cautious About the Cases they Take on

It should be noted that most personal injury lawyers are inevitably going to be very cautious about what jobs they ultimately take, as they are paid only if they win the case. This means they will only accept a case if there is a decent chance they can win and get paid for their time and effort. While they can be wrong, they will often only accept a case if they see a clear path to getting paid. Cases can range from car accidents, workplace incidents or other errors such as a medical doctor or provider. Finding a good attorney who will take the case is always a strong sign that filing a lawsuit is worth the time, effort and money.

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